Save the Dates!
  • October 21: Trunk or Treat (with Young Adults)
  • November 5: Fall Fun / Games Night (with Young Adults)
  • December 11: Christmas Party
Scholarship Fund
  • Established by Tony & Lakana Bikhazi starting 2007.
  • Established by Charles and Mary Saleh starting 2012.

Scholarship Recipients

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A. Qualifications:
The membership of this corporation shall consist of those who pay annual dues and agree to the Constitution, the By-Laws, and the Common Objectives of this Corporation.

B. Annual Dues:
The Board will determine the annual dues. Active members shall be required to keep their dues current. Failure to pay dues will result in loss of membership.

C. Suspension and Expulsion of Members:
Any member of the Corporation may be suspended or expelled for good cause by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board.

D. Common Objectives:
All members shall agree to be bound by the Common Objectives. Amendment to these objectives shall be prepared by the Board and approved by two-thirds majority of the members in attendance at the Annual General Membership meeting.

E. Family Memberships:
Family membership shall include the spouse and dependent family members living at the home.

F. New Members:
All new members shall be provided with a copy of the Constitution, By-Laws and the Club directory.



A. Annual General Membership Meetings:
The membership of the Corporation shall meet at least once each calendar year; time and place to be set by the Board.

B. Notice of Annual General Membership Meetings:
Notice of all annual meetings shall be mailed to all active members at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

C. Voting:
All active members eighteen years of age or older, shall have one vote. Voting members will be required to be present to exercise their voting privilege. A simple majority of members present shall be required on all voting matters considered at each annual general membership meeting, except as otherwise provided herein.

D. Candidate for the Board:
To be a candidate, he or she must have paid his or her annual dues for that current year.


A. Number and Qualifications:
The number and members in the Board shall be 10 plus the immediate past president, all nominees shall be members of the Corporation. The number of members may be changed by amendment to these By-Laws.

B. Election of the Board:
The Board with the exception of the immediate past president, who is a member ex-officio, shall be elected at each annual business meeting of the members. The election shall be by secret ballot. All board members shall be elected for a one-year term.

C. Compensation:
All Board members shall perform their duties without compensation.

D. Powers of the Board:
Except as otherwise provided in the Articles of Incorporation or in these By-Laws and the Constitution, all the powers, duties, and functions of the Corporation, conferred by the Articles of Incorporation, these By-Laws, statutes, common law, court decisions, or otherwise shall be exercised, performed or controlled by the Board.


A. Officers:
The Board shall elect the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, by a majority vote of the elected Board members.

B. Chairpersons:
Shall be appointed by the President and approved by the majority of the Board.

C. Co-Chairpersons:
Shall be appointed at the request of the Committee and approved by the Board.

D. Termination:
Failure to attend three meetings without an acceptable excuse shall constitute a tender of resignation. Vacancies by death or resignation shall be filled for the unexpired term by majority vote of the Board.


These By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed by a majority vote of the voting members present at a meeting called for that purpose or at any meeting of the members.