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  • October 21: Trunk or Treat (with Young Adults)
  • November 5: Fall Fun / Games Night (with Young Adults)
  • December 11: Christmas Party
Scholarship Fund
  • Established by Tony & Lakana Bikhazi starting 2007.
  • Established by Charles and Mary Saleh starting 2012.

Scholarship Recipients

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The name of this non-profit organization shall be "The Metrolina Phoenician Club" (herein referred to as the "Club").


The purpose of the Club shall be:

  1. To serve as a social organization for Lebanese and Lebanese-Americans and others who support our common objectives.
  2. To preserve the Lebanese heritage and traditions.
  3. To promote and support humanitarian efforts in Lebanon.


A. Composition:
Membership is open to anyone interested, with the approval of the Board. Annual dues to be set by the Board and to be collected and used towards operational expenses (e.g. newsletter, mailings, special events, etc.).

B. Privileges:
Members shall receive a newsletter four times a year. They shall have the right to participate in any or all club activities. They sall have the right to participate in the election of the Board.


B. Composition:
The Board shall include at least four officers and the immediate past President. The Board will meet at least four times a year. the Board shall present an annual report on club activities and finances to the entire membership.

The President sall preside over all club meetings and Board meetings.

The Vice President shall preside at all club meetings in the absence of the President.

The Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and shall present a report at each regular meeting of the Board. The Treasurer shall also ensure that all funds designated are disbursed properly.

Committee chairs shall be appointed by the President with the consent of the Board. All Committee Chairs shall report to the Board directly.

  1. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE shall be responsible for any and all social activities of the Club (i.e., dinner, receptions, dances, etc.). The Special Events Committee shall work closely with the Humanitarian Aid Committee.
  2. HUMANITARIAN AID COMMITTEE shall be responsible for any and all fund raising efforts to help children's relief projects under the Humanitarian Aid Fund.
  3. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall be responsible for recruiting new members and maintaining an accurate membership directory.
  4. BUILDING FUND COMMITTEE shall be responsible for raising funds to build a clubhouse.
  5. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE shall be responsible for handling all publicity including contacts with other civic, community, social and service organizations.
  6. PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE shall be responsible for publications and distribution of the newsletter and to solicit advertising for same.


All funds and donations received or raised by the Club or raised by committee will be allocated by the Board.


The Metrolina Phoenician Club is an unaffiliated organization.


To amend the Constitution, two-thirds approval is required from the membership in attendance at the annual general membership meeting.


In keeping with the statement of purpose, the Club shall:

  1. Sponsor at least one annual fund-raiser for the Humanitarian Aid Program.
  2. Organize and assure the continuance of the Humanitarian Aid Fund to be disbursed to orphanages or institutions in Lebanon, at the discretion of the Board.
  3. Have at least one annual general membership meeting.
  4. Publish a newsletter at least four (4) times a year to be distributed to all members and persons listed on the general mailing list.
  5. Organize several social events at the local civic level to encourage communication among membership.
  6. Participate in local community events.
  7. Request information about Lebanon from the Lebanese Information and Research Office, as well as from the Embassy of Lebanon, both of which are in Washington, D.C.