Save the Dates!
  • October 21: Trunk or Treat (with Young Adults)
  • November 5: Fall Fun / Games Night (with Young Adults)
  • December 11: Christmas Party
Scholarship Fund
  • Established by Tony & Lakana Bikhazi starting 2007.
  • Established by Charles and Mary Saleh starting 2012.

Scholarship Recipients

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In addition to the shared enjoyment of the Lebanese heritage and being a social organization dedicated to the service of our community, we as members of The Metrolina Phoenician Club pledge our support to the following objectives:

  1. To disseminate information about the Lebanese homeland without regards to political or religious differences.
  2. To trace the contribution of Lebanese people to the world.
  3. To support the close ties between the United States and Lebanon from the following common perspectives:
    • Humanitarian values
    • Democratic beliefs
    • Business and social ethics
  4. To Create a better understanding of the plight of all Lebanese within our homeland.
  5. To establish a humanitarian relief fund to aid the children of Lebanon.
  6. To support a sovereign, free and democratic Lebanon.

The Board
The Metrolina Phoenician Club
P.O. Box 49327
Charlotte, NC 28277-0077